The Big Iftar

This Ramadan, St Albans Big Iftar invites you to fast for one day,

On Wednesday 20 May experience a day like no other, and fast for the day with
your Muslim friends and neighbours.

17 Hours of no food and no water, are you up for the challenge?

In the month of Ramadan, we learn about ourselves both spiritually and mentally and reap the rewards of fasting. We become more appreciative of what little we have, which is more relevant now during lockdown.

So join your Muslim neighbours and fast for a day, and come together as one community, #alonetogther.

How do I take part?

  1. Sign up below to register and to receive your Iftar Goody Bag.
  2. Be ready at 3am on Wednesday 20 May to start the fast, a good nutritional meal and some thing to drink will be perfect. Porridge is best. 
  3. Fast starts at 3.15am and from that point on wards – the following rules apply
    1. Don’t eat any food 
    2. Don’t drink any liquids
  4. Break your fast at 8.56pm with a lovely meal when your hear the call to prayer on facebook live. Your goody bag will have a  few items to help break your fast

It’s that’s it simple. 

We will start the day with a Facebook live starting at 3am and share a quick meal to start the fast and will catch up at 8.35pm to start the process of breaking the fast.

At 8.56pm The call to prayer will mark the end of the fast.

Don’t worry throughout the day we will support you through the process.

Register here now and the first 100 participants will receive a Iftar Goody Bag  (we are asking for a small
contribution of £3 contribution for each goody bag, all funds will be donated to
the Local Foodbank)

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