Pandemic portraits of St Albans show city’s community’s strength

Local community hero Raihaanah Ahmed to feature in Photography Exibition at St Albans Museum. The Exhibtion entilled Pandemic Portriats is a collection of portraits by local photographer Nic Madge.

Image (C) Nic Madge

The photos are a study and document of what the city has gone through over the last 12 months, and stories behind the people who have made a great difference to the community.

Raihaanah said “Recently I have gone out of my comfort zone and agreed to have my mug snapped for local causes, I have been working hard on and feel strongly about. Also, I hope other brown/black faces will step forward and be counted in public spaces. I was mega uncomfortable but was keen to get a more diverse picture of St Albans exhibited.”

She adds “it would be awesome for our grandkids to find these rich stories when they look through the archives?” The exhitbion is set to run from March at St Albans Museum + Gallery.

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