St Albans to broadcast live Adhan

To mark the start of the Ramdan, and to end the first day of the fast, there will be a live call to pray broadcast from St Albans City Centre. The Adhan, call to pray will be called at approximatley 7.58pm on 13 April 2021.

This will be a historic moment for the city, and will be the first time ever that the call to pray will echo through the high street and St Peter street.

The call to pray will be made by a member of the 20th St Albans Ansar Scouts, from the heart of the city center. If you would like to attend, the Adhan will take place on the high street, social distancing rules apply. To watch the stream from home please click this link.

The call to pray will signify the time Muslims who are fasting are able to break thier fast. The Call to pray is one of the many events being planned across the city to celebrate the month of Ramadan.

Planned events include a drive through Iftar, Calligraphy Workshops, The St Albans Lantern trail with the Rainbow Trail, The Fast for a day, Seminars around Fasting and Faith, Eid Card Design & Adhan Competitions and to top it all off a Fast for a day on 27 April.

To book book your fast for the day a pack click here:

One comment

  1. I am very much interested in helping out with the Pakistani community and would like to help out in interpreting or in any other way to get involved with the community as I feel many are isolated regardless of the covid.


    Memuna Khalid


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