St Albans Big Iftar Events

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So excited to have so many exciting events and activities to this month celebrating Ramdan as part of the St Albans Big Iftar 2020. Here’s a list of what’s happening through the month. The events and activities are a combination of Big Iftar events and events run by Big Ifatr partners across the city.

12 April 2021
The St Albans Big Iftar Adhan
To mark the start of Ramadan, Hanzalah Khalique of the 20th St Albans Ansar Scouts will be do the call to pray from the St Alban Museum Balcony at 7.54 pm to signify the end of the first day of fasting.

4 May 2021
The Big Iftar Fast for the day
Are you ready for the 2nd annual fast for a day challenge? if so sign up and book your Iftar Pack here

As part of your fasting experience you will also receive an Iftar Pack, which includes:

  • A pack of dates to break you fast with and to share with your neighbors
  • A Eid Card – designed by the 20th St Albans Ansar Scouts for you to use
  • A quick and nutritional breakfast to start the fast
  • Some added extra treats.

11 April 2021 – 12 May 2021
The St Albans Lantern Trail
The rainbow trail team and Sopwell Community Trust have created a fascinated trail of colorful lanterns across the city. Look out for them, take a picture and share them on social media #stalbanslanterns. #bigiftarstalbans

29 April 2021 8pm Online
Ramadan Reflections
Maulana Muhit of London Coloney Islamic Centre will give a small short talk on the importance of ramdan in the life of Muslims in St Albans and around the world. Just log into face book and watch the live stream.

2 May 2021
Iftar Drive Take out, Marlbrough Pavillion, 7.45 – 8.20
A UK first, The Iftar Takeout, hosted by Sopwell Community Trust, a unique way to have your iftar with friends and family in a social distanced way. Book your iftar meal online, pick up and break your fast. visit Sopwell Community Trust Facebook page for more information and to book.

9 May 2021
Islamic Calligraphy Workshop online time TBC
Sopwell Community Trust host a wonderful session where you can learn the Art of Islamic Caligraphy. This will be an online sessions please check back for link details.

11 May 2021
The St Albans Big Iftar Closing Adhan
To mark the end and the close of the last day of fasting there will be a final call to pray at 8.45pm from the St Albans Museum Balcony. This will be broadcast live on facebook.

12 May 2021
Eid in the Park, The Meadows, Verulamium Park
After a month of fasting, Eid in the Park will round of the holy month, with Eid Prayers in Verulamium park. If you would like to take part in the prayers please bring your own prayer mats and maintain good social distance etiquette.

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