The St Albans Big Iftar


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What is the St Albans Big Iftar?

The St Albans Big Iftar is a unique annual event for St Albans  to come together and share a meal together during Ramadan in the form of Iftar, Breaking of the fast.

In 2019 the first ever St Albans community Iftar was be held in Fleetville Recreation Ground on 18 May 2019, followed by a social distanced version in 2020, where we all had to observe Ramadan in isolation due to the Pandemic.  This also means that our Planned Big Iftar needed to adapt and think of new ways to bring communities together.

So the Fast for the Day concept was born, and on 20 May 2020, over a 100 people, who had never fasted before joined the Muslim community in a fast.  They started and ended with a virtual Sehri & Iftar, fast for the day carried on in 2021 and  we are encouraging people to take up the challenge for 2022, and Fast for the Day on 23 April 2022. 

What is Ramadan & Iftar?
Ramadan is a month in the Islamic calendar when Muslims fast from dawn to sunset for thirty days and runs from 13 April  – 12 May 2021. It is a month of spiritual reflection, personal development, charity and community.  Ramadan gives us the perfect opportunity to reach out to our neighbors and strengthen friendships.

Iftar is the special daily meal at the end of each day when fasting finishes. Every community & culture has its own special traditions during Ramadan, and we want to make the St Albans Iftar a new tradition for the entire community.

This will be followed by the call to pray, which signals the end of the day, the fast and the commencing of the Iftar.

So are you ready for the challenge? if so sign up to the Fast for a day here, and book your Iftar Pack. 

The Adda club is working with St Albans City & District Council Community Engagement Team and other  the partner organisations involved in making this event possible alongside they include:

  • Hawa Herts
  • Sopwell Community Trust
  • Al Bayyinah School
  • Jammia Mosque
  • London Colney Islamic Centre
  • Islamic Centre Hatfield road
  • 20th St Albans Ansar Scouts
  • London Colney Mosque
  • Chiswell Green Community Trust
  • Batchwood Community Trust
  • St Albans Friends Society
  • Rainbow Trust
  • The Mauritian Muslim Welfare Association