Diabetes Lifestyle Coaching

Change your habits, lifestyle and diet.

With the steady rise in Type 2 Diabetes within the South Asian Community in St Albans, we have partnered with Herts Sports Partnership and St Albans City and District to provide a 4 week Liftestyle coaching programme to share ways to help you reduce your sugar levels, your waistline and to get fitter and healthier.

More importantly this is designed to get you to be more proactive in managing your Type 2 diabetes through changing your mindset and lifestyles which heavily impact on your blood sugar levels.

The Coaching sessions will guide you through the ups and downs of living with Type 2 diabetes, signpost ideas for eating healthy within a south Asian Diet.

The Coaching will include:

  • Lifestyle changes to help you reduce your sugar levels
  • Helping you EXERCISE
  • Recipes & WHAT TO EAT on south Asian diets
  • Tips & hacks to manage your type 2 diabetes
  • Peer to peer support

The sessions are open to men and women, with a South Asian background who are either newly diagnosed with Type 2 or have been living with Type 2 for some time.

To sign up to these FREE sessions please fill in the application form. please note there is a selection process and all successful candidates will be notified by email,